Rated: K

Writing done by Rainbowfartz.

Man, Son and Woman lived in luxury on Earth’s land; they took water from the pools and they ate Earth’s bountiful crops. However, they took resources they did not need, and did not seem thankful for all the gifts Earth had brought upon them.

One day, all of Earth’s pools had been drained, with only a little puddle of mud left in a ditch. The humans confronted Earth immediately and wailed pathetically. “We have no water to drink!” They cried. “We have to water to bathe in! No water at all!” However, Earth could not replenish the water; the humans had taken it all.

Cloud looked down on the humans from the sky, and pitied them. He sighed sadly, and he accidently sucked in a few drops of the water. He blew it out, and more drops came out than what went in, cleaned by his cloud body. Cloud sighed greatly, and all of the water in the pool was sucked in to his body. He took a deep breath, and blew the raindrops into the pool. Soon, other clouds nearby saw what he was doing, and together they filled each and every pool.

Man, Son and Woman were starting to dry up, just when the rain reached them. Man cautiously took a few drops in his hand and tasted it. Yes, it was the familiar taste of water, just pouring from the sky. He gestured for Son and Woman to come over, and they rejoiced in the rain. They dried their throats and bathed themselves in the abundant amount of rain.

Cloud swooped down to the humans and surrounded them. The rain continued around them. “Humans,” Cloud sighed in a deep tone. “You have to be thankful for what Earth gives you, or this rainfall will cease to happen.” Cloud flew back up into the sky, back to his people.

From that point on, Man, Son and Woman were thankful to Earth and Cloud, and in return Cloud continued the rainfall whenever a pool dried up. The humans grew to love Earth, and Earth grew to love them.