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Here you can make a video or audio (you get to choose) where you read other people's writing. Others will view them if they want a good narrative, and if they're too lazy to read. The audiobook must be the same rating as the writing piece. When you make an audiobook, you have to read the title and who made it before you read the story. If you read somthing that isn't in the original piece of writing, then your audiobook will be removed. Be careful about uploading your face though! 

It is recommended that you read a short story, but you are welcome to read full stories as well.

Happy reading!


Name Author Reader Rating
You Are Ash and Stars Leopardclawxx Leopardclawxx T
Words Never Said Leopardclawxx Leopardclawxx T
Eye of the Beholder Leopardclawxx Leopardclawxx T
I Am The Whisper Leopardclawxx Leopardclawxx T
Let the Weather Reign Leopardclawxx Leopardclawxx K+
Oh, To Express These Feelings Leopardclawxx Leopardclawxx K+
Floating Leopardclawxx Leopardclawxx M
Let Me Be Leopardclawxx Leopardclawxx T
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