Rated: T

Writing done by UndeadJ3T.

0: Prologue: Way to MurakEdit

He picked up the bow from beside him. Looking up, he saw the vast expanse of cracked sand and dried soil that he'd fought so valiantly to cross. Though he was young, he had decided it was time to leave his mother and father in Carai, and venture out into the sandy plains of Murak. 

Now he was awake once more, he knew he had to follow the path he had  plotted to Murak, and get there as fast as he could, for dehydration was setting in. He stood, shaking and nearly dropping back to the floor. In the far distance, along the horizon, he saw the tower: the large, golden tower, mythically built up from sandstone. The sky above it was a dazzling white-blue and he longed to be underneath that sky. He just had to reach their first.

Walking steadily, he thought of the only person from Murak he knew. She was a young elven girl, a huntress. Her father was the one who fashioned his bow. Smiling at the thought of her, he wondered if he would see her or her kin again. Had she moved? Did she remember him? They'd only met briefly, last summer, when their trading aravel (their caravan) entered the city. She was young, with long blonde hair parted to the side, and strong legs. Her eyes had been an enticing, deep green - and that was the main thing he recalled.