Rated: T

Writing done by Rainbowfartz.

Let’s drink some coffee.

I don’t care if it’s warm or cold,       


Mocha or vanilla

Let’s drink some coffee.


Let’s look at each other

Let’s think why

You left me.

I wonder why

Your coffee is still full as I

Stare into your eyes

A peculiar shade.


I’ve drank 2 cups

You’ve barely had one.

I will cry

When I realize I won’t drink


With you anymore


You stand up and drain your coffee

What a waste

Like our love.


I will drink with you

I will stay with you

I will love you

But you won’t


You left me after

I drained my last coffee

I didn’t want to sit with you

Bastard anyways.

But maybe

I still love you.


I sit alone

I have no secrets anymore

I am alone because

You left me

I am alone




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