Rated: T

Writing done by Leopardclawxx.


Your eyes 
They are green and brown
The colour of dying moss
Of nature and trees
Mine are grey and lifeless

Your face
It has a rounded shaped
Like a gentle pebble
Round by battered beauty
Mine is sharp and pointed

Your hair
It is dark and curls
Frames your face as a picture
To look at longingly
Mine is dull and limp

Your lips
They are beautifully smooth
With the gentle curve
Of the crescent moon
Mine are thin and straight

Your voice
It is kind and light
Sounds of liquid gold
Reflects the heart within
Mine is rough and gravelly

You are a kindly soul
The essence of love held
But not to be given foolishly
Perhaps once to me

If ever you look at me with
The longing that I look upon you
If ever I dare utter
The words
I love you