Within prose, there are many different ways of writing. This encompasses primarily third person, first person and narrative. However, some people get confused.

Prose list
First Person
Third Person

First PersonEdit

First person is writing through your own eyes, as though you did something or are doing something. Very often, it is opinionated work and has a lot of bias remarks from the main characters angle.

Third PersonEdit

Third person is usually the way of writing that is not said by anyone. It is a written relay of events, that does not call upon the readers feelings directly (e.g it will not say 'you will not see someone like this', but rather 'she believed nobody would see anyone like that').

It does not show emotions from the author through the main character.

Narrative Edit

Narrative is usually lacking in "I am", "she did" etc. It generally just reads as though someone is telling a story, and usually the person reading will have qualities that comment on things as well as highly voiced opinions.


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