When you want to upload a musical composition (such as you singing or playing an instrument or even a music box of a song), there may be a lot of different factors involved. This help page should help you upload what you need to.

Recording Edit

  • Make sure you use a decent-quality recording device such as a good phone (Samsung Galaxy S4, Google Nexus etc) or a recording mic. This is to prevent too much quality being lost. If possible, use the highest quality setting and also record in MP3 or, even easier, a .ogg file. 
  • Try to use a recording software that blanks out white noise, so you don't get static overlay.

Uploading a supported filetype Edit

Wikia does not accept .MP3 files so if you want to upload your music you must upload a .OGG file. .OGG is a lossless audio codec that retains file quality and scouring rate.


To change the filetype of an audio file, you can find many free resources online however if you plan on doing a lot of file-changing then you can use a free, open-source software called Format Factory.

Format Factory is free and can be found on Softonic.

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