This is an instruction manual on how to make a Sandbox and how to use it properly. Any questions about the Sandboxes go to the Help Box. There is a public sandbox for use for first time users that don't want to make a sandbox.

How do I make a Sandbox?Edit

Sandboxes aren't made by any special template. Just create a page with, "[put your username here]'s Sandbox". Then, play around with templates in it (turn the page to source first). You can publish your sandbox and leave a link on your profile page and on the User Sandboxes page.

What do I put in a Sandbox?Edit

Pretty much anything except anything innapropriate. For example, you could create a template for the Home Page. Or, you could make a Userbox. There is an almost endless amount of things you can do and make in a sandbox, and they are very useful on an artistic wiki like this.

Does The Content of a Sandbox Belong in a Certain Category?Edit

Yes. They belong in the "Templates" and "Userboxes" categories beneath the Sandbox category in Nooks and Crannies. If you need help moving any of this, please ask an admin.

Any Help?Edit

Please ask Rainbowfartz or Shadowed Crystal for more help on sandboxes. All other staff have not created sandboxes, so their knowledge on sandboxes are unknown.

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