Rated: K 

Writing done by MujnaD.

Mommy, mommy, I want to talk, and you should listen!

Please, please, please pay attention!

Mommy mommy, did you know?

What I did for the talent show?

Mommy mommy, did you know?

That today it’s going to really snow?

Mommy mommy, I want your opinion!

Did I do good in that swimming lesson?

Mommy mommy, what time is it?

Do we still have time to get the candles lit?

Mommy mommy, tell me a story,

No, not that one, you told it already!

You said it a bajillion times mommy, I’m not lying,

So start the story and stop sighing!

Mommy mommy, I need help,

I need to write a sentence about kelp!

Mommy mommy, we need to hurry up and go to school,

I want to be on time so that I look cool!

Mommy mommy, I got a boo-boo!

Help me, help me, will you?

Mommy, mommy when are you coming home?

I don’t like being here all alone!

Mommy mommy, what does ‘dumb’ mean?

I heard an older kid saying it to the other kid Scene

Mommy mommy, where are you?

Remember, you promised to take me to the lake by canoe?

Mommy mommy, are we there yet?

Dad’s been driving for 2 hours without rest!

Mommy mommy, are we there NOW?

It may have only been 5 minutes since the last time I asked, but I’d rather be milking a cowardly cow!

Mommy mommy, do you know what day it is today?

Todays May 11th, the day I would like to confey,

That I really love you, no matter what you might think,

So I’ll cook while you stay in bed and have your favourite drink

Mommy mommy thank you for always listening,

But did you know that the way you wear 3 jackets in summer is frightening?

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