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Original: Overture Writing Blog

Writing done by KristinGyaru.

Prologue Edit

Evelyn smiled at her brother Richard who sat opposite her at the table. She picked up her tiny, bone china cup and sipped from it. "

So, Evelyn," he  mused. "What of the council? Have they had no say in this?" 

She put her cup down, grinning. "Actually, the council have sent a letter. Everything that has occured is, to say the least, internal. And whilst the police are going about their business with the death of our lovely father, the state of his personal items and finances are ours. As far as they are concerned, we're dividing it amongst ourselves. With mother in London, I feel everything should be frozen until her return."

Richard grimaced. "Evelyn, we should split it between myself and Eric. Forget mother - she's been away."

"Do you feel no remorse? This is the Colin Estate. It should be handed to her, and then split as she deems wise!"

"No, Evelyn, it doesn't work like that. She's a woman, and, her miscarriage not long ago means she just isn't stable to handle the affairs... not to mention her husband has just died."

Evelyn slammed her hands against the table and stood up, a few strands of her blonde hair dropping down from her loose hair-bun. "I refuse to listen to your horrendous statements any longer!" She turned, and her maid swooned over, following closely, holding the parasol. "Come to me when you've grown up, Richard."

"Evelyn, wait!" He stood, attempting to make her stop in her tracks, but he failed. She slammed the door behind her.

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