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Writing done by Ryukisbeautiful7366.

I am a sad and brave girl                                                            
Light shining1

I wonder why people keep in the light and trap others in the dark

I hear a lullaby pulling me into sleep sung by the night

I see injured people unwilling for help

I want the light to shine on all those who need it

I am a sad and brave girl

I pretend that the world is safe from the dark

I feel sad for the ones who scar themselves

I touch the darkness as it recoils in the light

I worry that I will never see the light again

I cry because of other screams in terror

I am a sad and brave girl I understand that some people live in the darkness

I say life is a tunnel, there is a beginning and an end

I dream of a world full of honesty and trust

I try to spread smiles instead of tears

I hope someday everyone will laugh with me

I am a sad and brave girl