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User NominationEdit

You can nominate a user to become any part of the staff you want through this page. If a bureaucrat agrees to the nomination, then other users can vote. You can nominate a user if they either have:

  • 350+ edits
  • has been a wiki member for 2+ months 
  • has 250+ points
  • has thorough wiki ability and knowledge
  • is active on the wiki
  • is respectable on the wiki

Use the next box to nominate users or yourself. Please sign your nomination with four tildes and DO NOT delete nominations.


If a user has been blocked/banned before, they will not have as much of a chance as a user who has never been blocked. Chat bans count as well.


I would like to nominate "Robert". He has __ points, he has been a wiki member for __ months and he has __ edits. He is always polite, extremely helpful and loves working on the wiki. (4 tildes)


Nominate a User/Archive 1
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