Rated: K+

Writing done by Pen15.


There once was a king

Odysseus was his name

No grief did he bring

A great hero he became

As a child

His father never had any doubt

For he was never wild

Nor did he pout

One day a war was declared

Like no other before

His family and friends had rights to be scared

For this was the Trojan war

To war he went

His loved ones sad

His skills he let

In the war now known as the Iliad

The walls of Troy

An impenetrable fortress

Was broken through with the gift of a toy

By the witty man named Odysseus

Now a new tale has begun

The story called the Odyssey

About the great man Greece depended on

Through his perilous journey home back to his family

With relief i his soul

And the spoils of war on his ships

His home as his goal

He set sail on his trip

Luck did not favour him however

He went straying around the ocean for another ten cursed years

Though he was clever

Even he could not foresee his mother's pained tears

Upon his return

What he saw made his stomach churn

He found his palace ridden

With the evilest of men

With the help of wisdom

And his son now a young man

He reclaimed his kingdom

An old life he re began

This is the shortened story of a great king

Happiness he shall bring

Grief he was brought

Many great lessons he was taught

Arnold Böcklin - Odysseus and Polyphemus