Rated: K+

Writing done by MujnaD.

The taste of the white substance I’m forced to endure every morning for breakfast, is like the taste of rotten flesh from a deceased elephant.

It’s like the bitter taste in your mouth after telling a lie,

and like the taste of yogurt two months after the expiry date.

It’s like the taste of sipping a hundred live flies through a see-through straw, 

and as distasteful as your ten thousandth greasy hamburger from McDonalds.

It’s like devouring a filthy fly, a sneaky spider, a belligerent bird, a cruel cat, a deformed dog, a clumsy cow and a hostile horse in the same day for no apparent reason.

It’s as vile as licking a century old shoe ten thousand times,

Or like the taste of big, black, bugger beans.

It’s like eating blackbird pie while simultaneously listening to the screech of a crow’s CAW CAW the entire time.

It’s like chugging a jar of wasabi when you’re sensitive to spicy food,

Or like eating cat food while you jealously watch as your cat eats your delicious marble ice cream.

It’s like wishing it wouldn’t rain today, and then it rains cats and dogs for the whole day.

It’s like watching your brother devour all of your favourite cookies when your mom would be more helpful if she were a running rock. 

Oh, creamy, smooth, 2% milk that I have to eat for breakfast every day, I wish you would vanish for all eternity!

(Something I found in a notebook I used to write in a long time ago :D)

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