Rated T

Writing done by Leopardclawxx.

Brush and watercolours

Paint me a smile
And leave me to dry
I will act for you
Happiness thinks
About giving a visit

Paint me a heart
And lift me up high
I will dance for you
You animated fool
Happiness thinks
Perhaps today I'll stay

Paint me a breath
And help me to live
I will struggle on through
Happiness thinks
For them, not for you

Paint me a laugh
And help me to pretend
I will try for you
Your toss-around toy
Happiness thinks
There's no love for you

Paint me a tear
And let me fall down
I will cry for you
Your unseeing eyes
Happiness thinks
Who will love you now?

Paint me a smile
And keep the gentle lie
I will always be
You burden, your friend
Happiness thinks
Why would you ever deserve me?