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This is the page for poems.  We have more poems than we do of both other writing categories (prose and fanfiction) combined!


Composition Artist Rating
Ashen Faces of the Dead Rainbowfartz T
Alive Rainbowfartz T
Change Pen15 K+
Cold Coffee Rainbowfartz T
Drabble Pt. 1 Rainbowfartz K+
Exhibition Rainbowfartz T
Eye of the Beholder Leopardclawxx T
Every Shot Merrycat99 T
Floating Leopardclawxx M
Glitter Falls From the Sky Leopardclawxx K
Hallucinating Rainbowfartz M
Her Name District3forever T
Humans Who Fly Rainbowfartz T
I Am The Whisper Leopardclawxx K+
Lead Heart Rainbowfartz K+
Let Me Be Leopardclawxx T
Let the Weather Reign Leopardclawxx K+
Little Glass Princess Rainbowfartz K+
Loved Rainbowfartz K+
Mommy, Mommy MujnaD K
Mother of Snow Rainbowfartz K+
Muses of the Mind Pt. 1 MujnaD K
Muses of the Mind Pt. 4 Ryukisbeautiful7366 T
Muses of the Mind Pt. 6 Soccerisamazing K
Need Rainbowfartz K
Obsession Is Rainbowfartz T
Odyssey MujnaD K+
Oh, Creamy Milk MujnaD K
Oh, To Express These Feelings Leopardclawxx T
Orange MujnaD K
Paint Leopardclawxx T
Red is the Blaze Leopardclawxx T
Reversed Shadowed Crystal K+
Shadowed Reflections Scarf Man T
Smile Rainbowfartz K+
Songbird KristinGyaru K
Smallest Sigh - Saisho no Tameiki KristinGyaru K+
The Corners of My Mind are as Dark as the Night Leopardclawxx T
The Dove Flies Leopardclawxx T
Word Never Said Leopardclawxx T
Muses of the Mind Pt. 3 Percabethlover K+
Secret Rainbowfartz T
Silent Pond sixyearoldcousin K
Shadow Ropes Leopardclawxx M
Shaky Fingers Rainbowfartz M
Stairs Rainbowfartz T
When I'm Alone Leopardclawxx T
You are Ash and Stars Leopardclawxx T
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