Rated: T

Writing done by Rainbowfartz.

This secret is mine

It sounds just so fine

Fabricated lies

And giggly highs


I am telling this atrocious rumor

I see the girls find this like humor

She passes it on with a smile so great

And the victim of it all is subjected to hate


I find this rumor oh so funny

You don’t need to get angry, honey

We were just having shameless fun

And this conversation is now done


My secret is posted all over the school

All of the rumors sink into a muddy pool

When she gets cornered by the hater

And she goes home much too later


The girl who I told a secret about

Has bruises all over her face, there’s no doubt

She hates our secrets all about her

She’s stuck in this atrocious lying blur


That girl didn’t come today

We didn’t really care, but hey

She’s just so annoying and small

We told more secrets about her in the hall


She came back today and looked totes skinny

They asked her about how much she was a ninny

I made everyone hear about that

And also that she was real fat


That girl doesn’t come ever

I wish I had said anything never

Because her life was put on permanent hold

Because of a silly secret I told

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