This is the staff page, where you can learn more about the Composition's Wiki Staff.

Hello and Good Day From the Administrators!Edit

This is the page of the wiki navigation for the Admins and other users with special privileges. Don't be afraid to ask!

Here are some introductions to the staff:

Rainbowfartz: Hi! I'm the founder and bureaucrat of the wiki, and I am a writer and doodler. I love anime! In no particular order; Ouran, Hetalia, Clannad etc.  I go over things on the wiki regularly and I am the one who changes the background and favicon from time to time. I am also a pianist, currently on RCM Grade 4 and I can play one song on guitar XD I am open for help, suggestions and conversations on my message board.

MujnaD: Greetings! I'm the highest admin of the wiki. I love reading anything and everything, and I love poetry. I am an otaku, and proud of it. Some of the anime I've watched (in no particular order) is: Ouran, Hetalia, Clannad, Madoka Magica, Death Note, etc. I have some of my and my brother's poetry and art to offer, and I can play the recorder. Welcome to the wiki, and if you need any help just ask on my message Board. ^J^

Shadowed Crystal: CS

Leopardclawxx: CS

KristinGyaru: CS

Pen15: CS

Staff StatusEdit

Founder: Rainbowfartz (very active)

Bureaucrat: MujnaD (active)

Highest Admin: Shadowed Crystal (slightly inactive)

Local Admin: KristinGyaru (very active)

Highest Rollback: Leopardclawxx (inactive until set date)

Ambassador: Pen15 (inactive until set date)

Waiting List for StaffEdit

Currently none

Need Help?Edit

Go to the Help Box to complain to the admins!


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