Rated: T

Writing done by Rainbowfartz.

Everything anyone told me was a lie. I hate you all.

That is why I am leaving. This isn’t right. I hate every fucked up person who does this, every asshole who adds to the casualties of the world. In other words, I hate you. I hate every single thing about you. I don’t even know why I went with you. Couldn’t you have just let me be for a little? Can’t you stop drinking and see what you do to all of us!

You can’t even look at me. You said you loved me. The same hand that grabbed mine years ago and the same hand that drew circles in my back when I was upset will hit and bruise my very own skin. I loved you, but now I struggle to see any love through this hurting haze.

Just stop. If you stop then you’ll be one less asshole on this planet. But I cannot love you again.

(this was just a little drabble)