aka 「paralyzedancer」

  • I live in Alaska
  • I was born on February 16
  • My occupation is 「.::coffinkicker::.」
  • I am evil incarnate.


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Proud owner of Steyr AUG Z .233 20" Hunting Rifle, Bolt Action<3 I support hunting wildlife<3

"Hell is empty. All the devils are here."


Shakespear, The Tempest.

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Current date: January, 2020
"Are you afraid of God?" No, but I'm afraid of you.

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I'm Kristin, I'm a published author working with Kobo, BookTango, Author House and more. My main job at the moment is working towards a college degree and juggling multiple fussy clients by working as a commercial artist. If you need help getting published or simple want a betareader, or some graphics designed, just email me at

I'm a new admin here, and I'm quite good with templates, and formatting. I've been on the Wikia admin scheme and you can ask me relatively anything about here, writing, publishing or art.

I'm a cosplayer and more, so if you cosplay too, then we could totally get on. My favorite anime is Kuroshitsuji with Hetalia at a close second but Ouran in third. I adore manga, video games like Borderlands and I play Call of Duty as an e-sport, which means I get paid. :P

If you want to find me elsewhere then here's a list of the places you can locate me/my profiles.


Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal Full Album

Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal Full Album



Kristin's writing
Crows Among Doves -M
Indoors -M
The Dog -M
Dismal -M
Show the Devil -M
Insomnia -M
Come Back (Featured) -K+
Coffin Kickers -M
Scribophile Quotev

<center> Kristin's Art

Link Rated
Warcraft Elf M
Lake Manipulation K
Welcome to Gotham T
Lustyy Graphics Logo K
Shattered Poster T
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