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This wiki's hierachy consists of the Bureaucrat, Administrators, Rollback and Ambassadors as of April 26, 2014. This is the guide to the highest tiers and staff parts and can help you figure out being a part of the staff.


In the hierachy, the levels go as follows.

1. Bureaucrat(s) (Rainbowfartz, MujnaD)

2. Right Hand Admin or the First Admin (Shadowed Crystal)

3. Next Admin, Local (KristinGyaru)

4. Highest Rollback (Leopardclawxx)

5. Local Rollback (Kitpup7)

5. Ambassador, Messenger, Courier (Pen15)

6. Obligatory Admins (n/a)

7. All Other Users

How is the Hierachy Used?Edit

The first person (people) on the list, the Bureaucrat(s), is the highest person (people) on the wiki. They have the highest amount of edits and highest amount of achievement points.

The second is the Right Hand Admin. This is the second most experienced person on the wiki. They may be a right hand man to the bureaucrat and helps whenever the bureaucrat can't.

The third is the Next Admin. This is the local admin, who is a local user and monitors the forum.

Fourth is the highest rollback. The rollback has slightly less privledges than an admin, but is part of the staff nonetheless.

Fifth is the ambassador. The ambassador(s) seek out wikis eligible for affiliation. They also act like couriers, and carry messages between us and our affilating wikis.

Tied with fifth, the Local Rollback is Rollback, but lower than the Highest.

Sixth are the obligatory admins. Usually they are chosen through an affiliation request. They do have Admin rights, but are not part of the official staff.

Seventh are all of the other users on the wiki

Why Do We Have a Hierachy?Edit

This is so that there are different kinds of users, and that you know which ones are more knowledgable.

How is the Hierachy Used?Edit

All users on this hierachy have administrator rights as of debating on the Administrator's Desk, and to be helpful users. However, if a user in the hierachy abuses or ignores their rights they can be stripped of it.

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